In Language Arts we are focusing on The Bonds Between Us. This covers a series of short stories that explores what links us to family, friends, pets, and community. We are learning the use of narrative techniques in a fictional narrative about interpersonal connections. Students have been utilizing the use of adverbial clauses (subordinate clause that functions as an adverb). In Math we have been looking at solving literal equations by factoring then performing cross cancellation in order to derive a solution.

In Economics our focus has been on micro and macro economics and how it pertains to the Production Possibility Curve highlighting the principal of scarcity. We are also exploring the interplay of supply and demand in competitive markets and how that impacts individual pricing, wage, rates, profit margins. In Chemistry we are still focusing on electron configuration. As part of exploring electron configuration, we all enjoyed our field trip to the Science Center. Students thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Science in action!

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