The month of March was filled with fun and inspirational activities! On March 22nd, 2019, our students participated in Career Day. The students were assigned to create a detailed board explaining their occupation based off of their interest. The students then had to research various steps ( type of job starting out, where they had to do research, where they would live, type of education, budgeting, etc.) that will take to reach their future career. During career day, family and faculty can come and visit our classroom and take a tour of each student’s future plan. Family and faculty were able to ask questions pertaining to their information the students presented on their board. Our students worked on their career projects for a month and their boards showed so much effort and showed the creativity in all the students!

One of our students, Taylor Haile, spoke about how nursing would be a perfect career for her because she “loves to help those in need”! In another picture, one of our students, John Dixion, is explaining about how he wants to be an Animator and Graphic Designer. and he even brought in his Drawing Tablet to show us how he uses technology to create his artwork! Also, in the another photograph, shows our Student Jayla Brown is seen reading her paper and explaining her career of becoming a Military Police Officer! As you can also see, Terrone and showing a staff member about how he wants to be a Hotel Manager and the steps he needs to take with becoming one! Last but not least, our one student Larry was explaining how he wants to be an engineer! All the students worked so diligently and all their career boards turned out amazing!

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