Step 1: Necessary Items Needed: 1 package of Oreo Cookies (Double Stuffed, of course)

Step 2: Preparing for Dunk: Carefully insert the fork into the cream filling

Step 3: The Cookie Bubble Bath: Submerge the fork holding the cookie into the milk

Step 4: Perfect Saturation

High Road Hartford High’s Operation Director Ms. Russo enjoys having chats with our English Language Learner Christian on an ongoing basis. Christian is working very hard on learning English and Ms. Russo is working very hard on learning Christian’s native Spanish.

The focus of their conversation recently was, “The Proper Way to Eat Oreo Cookies with Milk”. Luckily, the Fifth Year Transition classroom was able to supply all of the ingredients necessary to try this little experiment. From the picture you can see that both Ms. Russo and Christian enjoyed this particular chat.

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