This year at High Road Hartford Primary, we have two students graduating the 8th grade. Both students were in Mr. Dilella’s class this year and have developed strong relationships with both their classmates and staff members. Both Shaniya  and Destiny are 8th graders

Who is your favorite teacher at school and why are they your favorite?
Shaniya: My favorite teachers are Mrs. Horton and Mr. Blanton because both staff have always supported me and they take the time to help me with my work.
Destiny: I have two favorite teachers. The first one is Mr. Carballo because he is funny and always makes me laugh. The second is Mrs. Horton because she seems to understand me better than other teachers in school.

What is something that you are really proud of accomplishing at school?
Shaniya: I am proud that I have learned division this year. I worked really hard this year to learn how to do long division.

What do you enjoy most about coming to school every day?
Shaniya: I enjoy seeing my favorite teachers because I enjoy spending time with them.
Destiny: I enjoy coming in and spending time with my peers and with staff.

What would you tell a new student who is just starting at our school and is nervous?
Shaniya: I would tell a new student to listen to what staff says, and not give them a hard time because staff are usually just trying to look out for their students.
Destiny: I would tell a new student to just walk to time out if they get one and not make it harder on themselves

What advice do you have for your fellow students on achieving their goals?
Shaniya: I would tell my fellow students to not give up and to keep trying.
Destiny: I would tell my classmates to keep their heads up and ignore negativity.

What are you excited for most about graduating?
Shaniya: I am excited to have more challenging work in high school?
Destiny: I am excited to be moving on to high school.

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