Graduation 2019 was a major success! Students from High Road Upper, High Road Academy and High Road of Southern MD walked across the stage and received their high school diplomas. It is every educators favorite day of the year. Not because it is the end of our students time at High Road, but because it represents all of the dedication, hard work and sacrifices everyone makes to see smiles across the faces of our students and their families. One by one, each Director stood and shared personal stories of each graduate, highlighting individual accomplishments and achievements, culminating in the student walking across the stage and accepting their high school diploma. Families packed out the building, as they cheered and cried as they watched their student achieve something they once thought was unreachable. District representatives were present as well, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after a student who lost his privilege to participate in graduation was “surprised” with being called up to the stage. The student simply showed up at graduation to show his support for his classmates, even though he knew he couldn’t walk the stage with them. Ms. Anderson, Director of High Road Upper School of PG County told the crowd about the life lesson of “handling no” and when you conduct yourself appropriately even in times of denial, your actions and integrity could earn you the reward anyway. We wish the class of 2019 all of the best in the future and look forward to more successes from the class of 2020!

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