Mrs. Tatta is our transition coordinator. She helps students with on campus jobs such as coffee shop, ice cream shop, and the pet center. Mrs. T also helps students with transition, post-secondary, and daily living skills in the classroom so our graduates will be successful after they leave High Road. Some skills she teaches students include; money skills, budgeting, banking, making a schedule, basic culinary skills, resume building, job skill inventories, and college and career readiness. Additionally, she helps plan college visits throughout the year so students have the opportunity to tour educational institutions. Thank you for all of your hard work Mrs. Tatta and congratulations!

Ray has been at High Road since 2018 and has been on gold for almost a year! He is a role model student and shows kindness to all his classmates and peers. Just last week, Ray helped out a new student on a job site by helping her out of the student transport vehicle and showing her how to perform the job task. Ray is also the first to volunteer to assist staff members when they need an extra hand in the deli, ice cream shop, or wood shop. Great work showing everyone the gold standard of behavior Ray! Congratulations!

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