This summer High Road School of Hartford High School piggy backed on an idea that one of our job sites created. That Book Store has been a new job site within the last year that our students worked at regularly. That Book Store published a Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt for the summer. One of our teacher’s at High Road School, Mr. Biral, and our school social worker partnered to create an engaging lesson that challenged skills the students have been learning in our Transition Classroom which serves the 18-21 year old students.

Students began with learning how to take the city bus from the school to downtown Wethersfield, CT. Some of the students were seasoned city bus riders and some were new to the process. This process not only taught them to use the city bus but also to work together. The students looked up bus schedules online and using a map. The student discovered that they could take a direct route to their destination and were excited about not having to transfer busses. This is an important skill for our Hartford students who will be using public transportation to future jobs, shopping and medical appointments. Armed with a bus schedule and a map of four spots where Waldo could be found in town students and staff boarded the bus they researched. Students were asked to follow their maps to locate Waldo in four Wethersfield locations. The school social worker was able to help facilitate conversations with store clerks and museum allowing students to practice and build upon their social skills they have been learning all summer long.

The trip ended successfully with students finding Waldo and learning how to navigate public transportation, communication, and map skills!

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