This year our transition department consists of Ms. Williams, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Lima, and Mr. Bandar. We have a lot of fun activities planned for our kids this year, and we are very excited to start getting some of our students back out into the work force. Our transition department has already renewed some of our previous contracts with several of our previous businesses, and currently looking to expand to new businesses as well.

This year our theme in transition is higher education, and we would really like to push, and encourage our students to seriously consider higher education. Not only in the traditional sense of higher education such as a four-year university or a junior college, but also trade schools. Although the school year is just beginning, we have already set up several tours to various colleges including UC Davis, American River College, and UEI. We also have a trip set up for some of our blue and green level students to go on a tour of one of our local fire stations. Last year we had some local Army recruiters come and give a presentation to our students, and we had a few students show a lot of interest, so we decided to have them come back again this year and speak to some of our new students. Last year we also began doing a special blue level lunch for all of our blue level students on Tuesday’s which we’re calling “Taco Tuesday”.

During our taco Tuesday we have a student come into our transition office and we show them how to make everything from the taco meat to the taco shells and any sides we’re doing that day. we’re trying to include more life skills as well this year such as cooking and cleaning and other duties that our students could benefit from upon leaving Sierra. Our transition department has also come up with an end of summer BBQ for our blue level students which will include games, prizes, and food for our blue level students. Our push-ins this year will also be much more interactive, and will include all of us doing more hands on work with our students. Our goal this year is to help our students become more independent and get as many students out into the workforce as possible.

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