This summer our High Road High School of Hartford High School students in our Transition classroom serving students between the ages of 18-21, were fortunate to have IT Trainer Joanne Liljedahl be our volunteer computer teacher. Miss Joanne, as she preferred to be called, touched on the basics of the computer in the workplace. Students learned about navigating Microsoft Office through a series of fun activities including changes of fonts, styles, and importing pictures from the internet using Bing.

Miss Joanne’s favorite lesson to teach is on Excel. She used hand outs and hands on activities to play a game using a bingo wheel. The students who have had some experience with data entry took the lesson to a new level by being able to create their own Excel spread sheets.

The final project was to create a certificate and they were able to make their own that included borders, fonts, and most importantly their names.

All of these skills will serve students well in the workforce and through the rest of their schooling. Additionally, the student will continue using these skills into the new school year within their classes.

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