The High Road School of Harford County is now the newest member of the High Road School Team to adopt school uniforms. The new uniform edition was rolled out and communicated to parents and guardians over the summer and met with a huge welcome. The school uniform consists of a navy-blue polo shirt and tan pants. Students were given a school uniform approved polo shirt on their first day of school equipped with a High Road logo!

The uniform policy was adopted based on the following advantages and benefits.

School Uniforms:

  • Create a sense of community and school spirit
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of school wardrobes
  • Instill students with discipline
  • Prepare students for the professional world
  • Help parents/guardians and students resist peer pressure
  • Help students concentrate on school work
  • Help parents/guardians and students enjoy hassle-free decisions on what to wear
  • Identify students as belonging to the HRS community
  • Assist with a safe and orderly environment

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