This year our elementary team and our counselors have introduced a new social skills program called morning meeting. Morning meeting creates a positive classroom culture. The students take the social and emotional learning that they learn during morning meeting time, and utilize it in places like the classroom, nutrition break, lunch, the playground and PE. Morning meetings set the tone for the entire day. A peaceful, calm, and stable morning starts the day off right. The goal is to create an incredible climate and culture in the classroom that fosters meaningful student relationships.

Through morning meeting, students learn respect, trust, empathy, and kindness. Morning meeting prepares students for the rest of the day. Students line up outside and are welcomed in the class one by one. On each of their desks is a sticky note and each student will write their name on it. Once the entire class is done, students are greeted by the teachers and are asked one by one to come put their name on the “feelings board” and to have a seat on the rug in a circle for morning meeting. This check in allows staff to understand where each student is at emotionally. During morning meeting each student will share their answers to the morning question of the day. This is where students are learning kindness, respect, empathy etc. Once everyone has participated, they return to their desks and start a mindful minute before transitioning to academic rotations.

Each student knows they are welcomed and valued. It is a time where every student matters. Morning meeting builds on student’s confidence and allows for a daily practice in appropriate and respectful communication.