This semester the Physical Education class is taking on Ultimate Frisbee. Instead of doing the same physical games such as football and soccer, Mr. Andrew (who teaches our health and gym class), decided to teach one of his own passions. By thinking outside of the box, Mr. Andrew and his assistant teacher, Ms. Cortnee, have been able to keep gym class fun while teaching students the fundamental skills of throwing and catching an object. The students are now able to understand the rules of ultimate frisbee and play small games against each other. Each student in Mr. Andrew and Ms. Cortnee’s physical education class are so excited to go out to do a sport most of them have never played before. Frisbee has become more than a class favorite in gym class, but our sports club has also adopted the game of frisbee. Now our students can be seen asking to play frisbee outside of gym class, but during their free time.

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