At the High Road School of Baltimore County, we have a Girls’ Group that was started last school year, also known as the Social Butterflies.  In this group, the girls of the school are provided an opportunity to socialize with each other and complete volunteer and fun activities.  Some of the activities completed last year included: volunteering at the food bank, getting their nails painted, and volunteering at the retirement community Oakcrest.  The girls have brainstormed more volunteering and fun activities for this upcoming school year.  This group empowers our girls to build their independence, find ways to get involved in their community, and ways to uplift and help each other.
  • BARCS animal shelter
  • food pantry
  • nursing home
  • Maryland Food Bank
  • raise money for charity by selling Christmas cookies
  • raise money for charity for Ronald McDonald house
  • business expo
  • bake sale and sell to other high road schools – funds to be donated to charity

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