During the week of September 26th, 2019, High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle students had the opportunity to participate in a scholastic book fair. The students enjoyed picking out books to read at home and within the classroom environment. At High Road, we love to motivate our students and encourage them to read not only within the school setting but outside for fun too! We implemented differentiated lesson plans within the classroom surrounding managing their own school store account and money, as well as, teaching them the responsibility to be in charge of their own spending at the book fair. Students were then able to practice these skills by attending the book fair with their budgeted money, shopping for desired books, buying them, ensuring they received the correct change, and finally by reading their books!  By offering the students a wide selection of books at the fair, teachers were able to determine which books students enjoyed most and made note to utilize the ones they could in the classroom.  We are excited to continue the scholastic book fair event each year and help our students learn to work with money in a realistic setting!

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