Recently the High Road School at Margaret Brent Middle School had a fun filled Thursday. The students were looking forward to participating in the activities. For the morning Math rotation, the students completed a Math escape room. The students were divided into two teams for the activity. Olivia, Cody and John were on one team while Taylor and Timmy were on another team. For the activity they broke into groups and both groups started with the first riddle and then moved on at different paces. They had to solve the riddle with their teammates and if they needed a hint the teacher would give them a hint. I think it was really cool to see all of the students work together and move at different paces. Olivia said her favorite part was solving all of the problems. John enjoyed being with his friends and doing work. Timmy enjoyed working as a group. Cody enjoyed working with a group and seeing how everyone worked together. Taylor’s favorite part was the whole activity because it was a fun way to do work and to learn in a different way. Thursday was definitely a success and the students had a lot of fun and a good time, while also learning!

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