High Road of Hartford High runs on token economy which translates to students earning school money based on their color level for the day. This system is a way to encourage students to complete their assignments and acts as an incentive for increased positive behaviors. Teaching Assistants in each class keep track of the money earned daily as well as any money they spend on things like the school store.

Ms. Hartwich’s class, our Transitional Classroom, has a different approach and keeps track of their own money with adapted check registers. The staff assists their students with completion of this every day. This also gives staff the opportunity to counsel students on budgeting. The students have a chance to spend their money on school store items or if preapproved to go into the community to shop.

Mrs.Vose-Watson and Mr. DeJesus utilized the need for more check registers to take a trip to the People’s Bank in Wethersfield. Students learned about deposits, withdrawals and different kinds of accounts. Students Rafayette, Kiara, Kerryne and Joseph were able to have their questions answered by some very helpful and informative tellers.

When the trip was over, the class took their deposit slips back to the classroom to deposit their earned money for the day!

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