Our Blue and Gold student earned a great field trip to one of our student’s favorite places to go: Stew Leonard’s. Students are able to earn field trips on Fridays for our Fun Friday activities by completing all of their work, even homework, and earning all of their behavior points in categories such as following directions and remaining on task.

You might be asking yourself, “What do they like so much about a grocery store?”

“We love seeing the animals and the huge pumpkins,” said Zy’ Aire, who is in our elementary classroom.

“I love getting to pick out apples and pumpkins to bring home to my family,” said high school student Marquita.

Students were able to visit the animals, pick out apples and pumpkins, and they enjoyed a nice refreshing ice cream. But while students were about to leave Stew Leonard’s, they were greeted by their friends from the Norwalk Fire Department. The firemen were talking to students about how they earned the field trip, how their week at school was, and they even were able to look at the fire truck. Students can’t wait to see what the next field trip will be.

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