In social skills elective, social workers Ms. Gibson and Ms. Rossetti issued students a challenge: Which team could build the tallest freestanding tower using only 4 large marshmallows, 10 miniature marshmallows, 10 pieces of pasta, 1 small piece of masking tape, and an endless supply of Scotch tape? Students were given supplies, assigned teams and got to work.

Different teams utilized many unique strategies. Some chose to keep their large marshmallows together, while others took them apart to use as a sticky substance. Some groups kept their masking tape whole while others ripped it into numerous pieces. Some students picked the same 10 pieces of pasta (there were 3 different types to choose from), while others elected to mix it up.

While students were working, the social workers walked around the room asking students about their chosen methods and encouraging conversation within the teams. This activity proved to be a great team building exercise and allowed students to sharpen their communication skills while collaborating with their peers. All the students did a great job and the tallest structure stood independently at 30 inches high! The students used great team work and creativity to make each of their pieces unique.

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