High Road School of Wallingford High School would like to extend sincere gratitude to all attendees of the fundraiser that took place on October 17th. Students donated their artwork for a silent auction to benefit Community Autism Socials at Yale. In total, we were able to help raise over $600 for project CASY! Ms. Lieberman, the teacher that helped students create their masterpieces, was very proud to show off all students’ work. “The students did an amazing job creating individual pieces and collaborating on pieces together.” Participants in the fundraiser enjoyed winning exciting raffle prizes, bidding on student artwork, and eating dinner with friends and family members. This fundraiser was organized by Cheryl D’Argento, mother to Michael, who is currently a sophomore at High Road school.

Ms. D’Argento is very grateful for her son’s educational advancement and opportunities as well as the staff’s communication and understanding of her son’s unique needs. “High Road School has become such a wonderful part of my son’s life. To be able to partner with them for our fundraiser was such a great experience. I can never say enough about all of you! Thank you all for everything you do in school and out of school.”

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