While we at Catapult Learning firmly believe that nothing can replace direct instruction and support from our teachers, we offer the following as a resource and guide to help families plan for disruption to the normal educational environment.

Establishing an Environment for Learning: Below are some suggestions which may help your child/ren transition to distance learning during an extended school closure:

  • If possible, set up a dedicated space at home, free from distraction, with room for a device, classwork materials, and supplies.

  • Talk with your child prior to the transition, to alleviate fears or concerns.

  • If possible, keep an open line of communication with your student’s school, teachers and other families in your community, via e-mail, online chat, discussion forms or videoconferencing (Zoom is FREE right now!).

  • Be clear about expectations, while setting achievable goals for students.
  • Create schedules with your child to help them adhere to some level of normalcy comparative to the traditional classroom. Offer flexibility but encourage a routine. See sample schedules like the ones below, adapted from Khan Academy

Sample At-Home Routine

Instructional Materials – Math & Reading Packets: Printable math and reading lessons and activity packs are available for you to use at home. You can access these materials directly here or visit http://i-ready.com/athome.

Online Instruction: Internet Access at Home – Families in need of high-speed Internet access can find companies offering free or low-cost services during this time. Contact your current Internet/cable service provider to see if they are offering specials in your area or the companies below:

  • Comcast: https://www.internetessentials.com/covid19
  • Spectrum: Families can call (844) 488-8395 to enroll. Installation fees will be waived. Regular pricing will take effect at the end of the 60-day period if a customer doesn’t cancel or change the service.

Online Learning Activities: The list below are offerings and activities available from many organizations* to support online learning:

Activity / Content Area Description and Website URLs

Virtual Field Trips and Geographic Site Tours

Online Games with Content Area Focus

Silent Reading and Storytime

Writing Prompts


Art and Music

Physical Fitness

Enrichment Activities

Social Studies

General Content

*The sites and companies represented are not affiliated with Catapult Learning.