March 29, 30, 31 | 2-3:30PM EST

Private school leaders have the on-going struggle in finding the resources that will help to sustain their schools’ operation and ensure that their students receive the equitable services allowed by law. Catapult Learning is hosting a virtual training program that will raise the comfort level of the school leader in navigating the ins and outs of federal education programs for their students and teachers.

This virtual Equitable Services: A Conference for Private School Principals was a three-day (90 minutes each day) that focused on the equitable participation of private school students in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which includes Title I, professional development, academic intervention programs, English learners, school safety, and technology; and the Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) and other pandemic emergency funding programs.  Whether your school already participates in these programs and you want to learn more, you are new to the entire world of federal education programs, or you land somewhere in between, these three sessions will provide you with practical information that will benefit your entire school community.

Day 1: Individual with Disabilities Education Act—IDEA provides federal program benefits to private school students found to have a disability.  Participants will learn about the benefits and limitations of federal services, the child find process, and how to begin and advance the process of ensuring services for your students with disabilities.

Day 2: Every Student Succeeds Act—ESSA provides equitable services through four major federal education programs.  The day 2 session will cover the Title I program, Title II professional development, Title III English learners and immigrant students, and Title IVA 21st Student Support and Academic Intervention.  For each of these programs, participants will learn what services can be provided, how the funding is determined, keys to effective consultation with your public school counterparts, and what to do if equitable services are not forthcoming.

Day 3: Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools—EANS provides emergency funding in two programs authorized as part of the federal government’s support for schools and students impacted by the pandemic.  This program operates on the state level, so the session will update participants on individual states for both EANS 1 and EANS 2, provide information on what services can be delivered through EANS, and explain how a school qualifies for benefits.  Additionally, the session will also cover previous COVID-relief programs authorized through the CARES Act.