March 22, 2022 10am EST | March 23, 2022 1:30pm EST | March 24, 2022 9am EST

Christine Grexa, Manager School Partnerships
Ingrid Conti, Director School Partnerships
Diane Rymer, Territory Vice President
Tamare Love, Regional Director
Carrie Slater, Director Specialized Services

Join us as we host a 30-minute Principals meeting.

This webinar, we will help you navigate each step of the process and enable you to access part of the $70 million ARP EANS award meant specifically to help the needs of eligible non-public schools in NJ.

As advocates for non-public schools, we are reaching out to offer support in developing a plan that meets the academic and social-emotional needs of your students, teachers, families, and school community using your ARP EANS funding. With the upcoming deadline of the Needs Identification and Vendor Selection Survey due Monday, April 18th, we are offering three options for you to attend the webinar:

  • Tuesday, March 22nd 10am
  • Wednesday, March 23rd 1:30pm
  • Thursday, March 24th 9am

We know you have needs in a variety of areas and understand that Catapult Learning may be one of many resources you look to for solutions. We’ve found many school leaders find it challenging to create comprehensive plans that will best utilize this unique funding opportunity.

Our goal is to ensure you can capture all the funds available to you based on the federal guidance and timeline.

If you can’t make any of the days offered, please schedule a call with Christine Grexa for a personal consultation.