Friday, April 1, 2022

10am EST (1 hour)

At Catapult Learning, we understand how unique of an opportunity the Maryland Leads Grant Program presents for your district. We recognize it may seem challenging to create and implement such comprehensive plans that will best utilize the grant funding, while also providing your schools the solutions that they need. With years of experience working and partnering with 600+ school districts, Catapult Learning is fully equipped, with expertly trained specialists and plentiful resources, to support you as you navigate this process from implementation, execution, and beyond.

Please watch this webinar as we share how Catapult’s services and programs align with the expectations and goals of the high-leverage strategies at the center of the grant program and how lending our experience and expertise can better position your district to meet (or exceed!) the goals of your chosen strategy.

We will primarily focus on the topics below:

  • Science of Reading
  • High-Dosage Tutoring
  • Family Connections
  • Professional Development

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about the grant submission process, best practices, and what a partnership with Catapult Learning would look like.

About Catapult Learning  We bring more than 40 years of expertise directly to schools through cost-effective, comprehensive programming that promotes success in the classroom and beyond. Across the country, we partner with 500+ school districts through our 60+ schools and classrooms to improve areas of difficulty and emphasize areas of natural aptitude through a compassionate educational experience for all students, meeting their individualized needs across all facets of their development — academic, behavioral, social, and emotional.