Building Systems to Support All Learners:
The Science of Reading

School and district leaders can build a culture of literacy. To support your efforts, Catapult Learning cordially invites you to a webinar featuring Dr. Hank Fien, Boston University professor and literacy expert, to review key concepts in strong literacy instruction, based on the Science of Reading. You will explore how to effectively:

– Define the Science of Reading and identify the core elements necessary to deliver evidence-based literacy instruction
– Apply evidence to address gaps and accelerate reading proficiency in a systematic way
– Identify effective practices to implement programs with integrity to ensure access and equity in literacy instruction for all learners

You will also learn how schools and districts have partnered with Catapult Learning for robust professional development to close achievement gaps and build a culture of literacy.

The webinar is 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for Q&A.

Meet with our team to discuss your district’s challenges and how Catapult Learning can partner with you today.

Hank Fien, Ph.D.  Professor, Boston University
Director, National Center on Improving Literacy
Hank Fien, Ph.D. is the director of the National Center on Improving Literacy and is a professor in the Teaching & Learning department at Boston University (BU) Wheelock. He also directs the BU TEACH research center. Dr. Fien’s research is focused on the areas of early reading and early mathematics interventions for diverse learners in school settings. His most recent work is focused on scaling up evidence-based practices in schools and to better understand the ecological factors that support or hinder the use of evidence as we embrace the Science of Reading. His publications have appeared in journals such as School Psychology Review, Elementary School Journal, Exceptional Children and Reading Research Quarterly. Dr. Fien’s research interests include academic development in young children, integrating instructional design and education technology, and validating interventions aimed at preventing student academic problems.

Vanessa Ronketto Executive Director of School Transformation, Catapult Learning

Vanessa Ronketto is the executive director of school transformation for Catapult Learning’s Center of Professional Development Excellence (CPDE). Her background includes leading school transformation efforts through targeted and whole school support. With 40 years of experience in education, Vanessa has served as a teacher, preschool administrator, reading specialist, school administrator and Superintendent. Prior to joining the Catapult Learning team in 2016, Vanessa served as a Director of Educational Programming, VP of Operations and VP of Academic Excellence in the Midwest. Vanessa has been a contributing author to early childhood curriculum resources and to Catapult Learning’s Literacy First: The Science of Reading.