Expand your students’ horizons with

Learning Leap Enrichment activities

Why is Summer Learning Leap so effective? By engaging students through enrichment—field trips, activity centers, and a token motivation program— summer school becomes a place where students want to spend their vacation.


cl11156_siblingfeature_11419120-150x150Connecting the classroom to the community with summer learning field trips

Students develop stronger appreciation for the reading, writing and math skills presented and practiced in their lessons when they engage with the world outside the classroom walls. Through field trips and other cultural learning events, students get an opportunity to connect what they see, hear and experience during these events to what they are learning in class. From museums to art institutes, planetariums to science centers and other points of interest, students immerse themselves in rich cultural learning within their own communities

children-on-computers-150x150Supporting summer learning with classroom activity centers

Mastery of basic skills establishes a foundation for excellence in any discipline. When students come to understand that such mastery allows them to investigate what interests them, their interest in acquiring the basic skills soars. With Learning Leap classroom activity centers, students explore lesson topics through arts and crafts activities, self-selected reading and learning games. With themes such as science, community and family, literature and social studies, there is something to spark every student’s curiosity.

Rewarding performance with summer

019-900x675learning motivation programs

Your students like knowing they are on the right track, and they definitely enjoy reaping the rewards that accompany accomplishment. With the Learning Leap motivation program, your students get to see tangible results, experience the confidence boost that comes from positive reinforcement, and enjoy the rewards that come from their efforts, attitude, and achievement. Tokens are earned for attendance, class participation, and more; students can redeem the tokens they earn for fun prizes.