Learning Leap’s  Instruction Program is Proven-Effective

Connecting school-year learning to the summer classroom

You know the truth: bored and under-performing students become disengaged students, and disengaged students become dropout statistics. Students need variety of instructional materials and activities to engage their natural inquisitiveness and combat boredom.

Enter Summer Learning Leap, a well-designed combination of interesting and engaging instruction in reading, writing and math that is proven effective, backed by scientific research, and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.palm-beach_migrant-results_april2013

Improve reading fluency for cross-curriculum achievement

When your students struggle with basic reading, they lose traction everywhere. Having a tough time with reading means having a tough time in science class, social studies class,—every class.  Students enrolled in the Summer Learning Leap program hone their reading ability with skill-based instruction in alphabetic, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Every program features a variety of age-appropriate texts, in both fiction and non-fiction that are aimed at capturing student attention and connecting to their interests to spark a lifelong love of reading.

Build math skills and
increase confidence

The components of every math lesson in a Learning Leap classroom help your students improve in a full range of skills, from basic computation to higher-level concepts in problem solving and data analysis. Our instructional materials are grounded in solid research by the National Research Council.

Instill good writing habits for the classroom and beyond

You hear about it in the media. In businesses of every size, professionals complain about it. You may even deal with it in your own district. What is it, but poor written communication – unclear, inaccurate and confusing. Helping your students build important composition skills will position them for success in the classroom and beyond.

The scaffolded instruction design of Summer Learning Leap summer lessons builds student skills and confidence in their ability to write well in any class. Direct instruction, guided practice and independent activities are all aimed at establishing a writing skills foundation for every student.

…Direct instruction, guided practice and independent activities…