cl11156_siblingfeature_5361253Support your students, their families and their teachers with Learning Leap

Collaborating with families to boost summer learning achievement

Your students are smart, socially-savvy members of their families and communities. They know that what they do, who they are and what they love matters to the people who matter to them. They’ll try harder, accomplish more and maybe even surprise themselves with their achievement when their efforts yield results in a supportive, nurturing environment. Families are more than welcome guests in Learning Leap summer school; they are active participants in their children’s success stories.

Catapult Learning provides many opportunities for family involvement throughout the Summer Learning Leap program:

  • Families are invited to student orientation sessions
  • An open dialog between teachers and families is facilitated and encouraged
  • Student progress updates are provided
  • In-person workshops are offered to help families help their children succeed

Professional Development Prepares Teachers for Back-to-School

Our capacity-building seminars are designed to help teachers work through challenges, hone their skills, and apply new learning techniques in the classroom. The program provide innovative, inspiring, and informative models of educational excellence.

Families are more than welcome guests in Learning Leap summer school…