A Variety of Alternative Settings
to Meet Student Needs

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For students facing life challenges, traditional schools can be a barrier to success. Disciplinary issues, at-risk behaviors, and real-world obstacles can lead to suspension, expulsion, credit deficiencies, or dropping out of school altogether. Catapult Learning’s full service Alternative Education Solutions are dedicated to serving exactly these students, getting them back at their desks and on track to high school graduation.

For four decades, Catapult Learning has been expertly providing customized education services for students who face diverse and significant challenges that cannot be adequately addressed in the traditional classroom. A partnership with Catapult Learning delivers:

  • Highly-Effective Education Models
  • Positive Behavior Modification Support
  • Significant Cost Savings To Our Partners

Our highly flexible programming offers our school district and educational partners truly effective alternative settings that fulfill individualized student needs and goals while overcoming barriers to education.

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Cost-Effective, Results-Driven Alternative Solutions

Our results-driven, cost-effective solutions alleviate the myriad “pressure points” districts deal with on a day-to-day basis—like decreasing budgets, increasing regulations, rising behavioral and safety concerns, and falling test scores and graduation rates

Alternative Solutions include:

  • Traditional Alternative Education
  • Dropout Prevention & Recovery
  • Professional Development Services

Our programs are effective in reducing truancy and behavior problems while improving students’ attitudes towards school. Critical to our success is hiring school staff who are dedicated the mission and believe in setting high expectations for student achievement. But most importantly, our programs give students a second chance to achieve.