Transitional Education

A Comprehensive Behavior-Based Model that Gets Students Back on Track

SESI - Alt Ed only

Catapult Learning’s Transitional Education Model effectively educates and socializes students with pervasive maladaptive or disruptive behaviors. Through a combination of guided instruction, behavior modification, and peer accountability, our program increases student and staff engagement and improves academic performance. Using positive behavior interventions, our teams of educators act as “agents of change” to get our students back on track academically and behaviorally.

Our transitional education programs serve:

  • Transitional students
  • Students with pervasive disruptive/maladaptive behaviors
  • Middle school and high school students

Whether in-district or stand-alone, our transitional programs serve a wide variety of students in grades 3−12, from students who are persistently truant, to suspended and expelled students—even those with the highest level offenses. This turnkey solution:

  • Is grounded in strengthening the environment and academic structure to re-engage and re-energize students and their families around education
  • Addresses a segment of the student population that can be resource draining for the district, but has been our focus for 40 years
  • Reduces suspension rates and arrest rates
  • Creates a positive and safe learning environment; solves safety problems for schools Includes highly qualified teams experienced in dealing with transitional students


Creating Lifelong Learners

Catapult Learning believes that all students—no matter their past history or challenges—can be inspired to learn, grow, and achieve their goals if given the confidence and competencies to do so. Our effective and meaningful approach to alternative education therefore places student accountability and peer norms at the center, turning at-risk youth into at-promise youth and turning struggling schools into high-functioning, healthy learning environments for educational and social development.