Program Model

A Full-Service Model that Restores Students Back to Their Home Campus as Quickly and Smoothly as Possible

Our Transitional Education Model promotes personal responsibility, increases student and staff engagement, and improves academic performance. Emphasis is placed on developing self-esteem, respect for individual diversities, and an appreciation of the learning process.

Our transitional programs feature:

  • Team of highly trained and qualified professionals who act as change agents
  • A rigorous blended learning academic environment supported by rich interventions in reading and math
  • Positive behavior interventions and supports woven into a student leadership model
  • A culture focused on pro-social peer relationships and behaviors with an emphasis on diversity and accountability
  • A signature model designed to provide personalized and targeted interventions Industry-leading curricula and assessments, aligned to district standards and web-based instruction

A Proven-Effective Solution Based on Pro-Social Peer Culture

Our Transitional Education Model consists of five principal program components—all of which build upon our foundational pro-social peer culture and are designed to provide the personalized attention and targeted interventions necessary to transition students back to their home schools.

AltEd-Graphic (PeerWheel)Pro-Social Peer Culture
Students are encouraged to hold one another accountable for their own behaviors—and it works. When students feel empowered and in control, they become invested in their own personal performance.

Industry–leading curricula and assessments, aligned to district standards, are delivered by certified teachers, while supplemental web-based instruction allows student.

Positive School Environment
Practicing a philosophy of lifelong learning creates solidarity among staff, uniting them on the mission and vision of this student-centered program.

Restoration/Transition Planning
Extensive reintegration preparation is achieved through explicit guidelines that lead to restoring students to comprehensive schools. Postsecondary preparation and career exploration are provided for high school seniors.

Parental Involvement & Community Outreach
Active collaboration among students’ full support team on academic goal-setting and Personalized Lesson Plans ensures that students receive the support they need both in and out of school.