Track More Than Progress with Fast, Actionable Reporting


The variety of quick, easy-to-read reporting options embedded in the Evaluate™ system provides users with all of the information they need to adjust instruction, target intervention, and make decisions about resources.

  • Real-time performance and proficiency data is accessible through actionable reports that drill down from the school to student level, by subject, strand, skill, and question.
  • Monthly reports allow teachers to adjust instruction and interventions as needed throughout the year, while longitudinal reports track progress over time.
  • Individual question analysis determines whether students need support with a subject, skill, or with their test-taking skills.
  • Data can be aggregated in multiple ways— by schools, standard, demographic groupings, or by custom reporting—to effectively inform teachers how best to address skill gaps, while helping district administrators make important, informed decisions.
  • Threshold-based reporting helps administrators assess the success of their instructional programs, identify growth trends towards end-of-year goals, and determine skill areas in need of additional resources and support.

“With Evaluate, I am able to speak confidently about each student’s strengths and weaknesses to parents. This, in turn, allows the parents to fully engage in their child’s learning as well as celebrate their child’s success.”

 – Sue-Ann Egan, Teacher, Park-Edison Elementary School, Clark County, NV

Powerful reporting tools allow administrators and teachers to make informed decisions about instruction and resources.


All Evaluate reports are print-ready and easily exported to Excel.

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Empower Students will Personal Reporting Tools

Students own their data and performance through access to reports by subject, skills, strand, and individual question.

Students can:

  • Access results immediately and track their own progress
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Set personalized learning goals


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Data is reported in multiple ways to teach students how to read data from various sources.



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Students can even track their progress monthly to better understand how they are progressing over time.