Engage with Rich Graphics and Technology-Enhanced Questions

Evaluate assessments employ graphic-rich technology-enhanced question types (TEQs) that challenge students to go beyond typical multiple choice test items and interact with the question in a variety of engaging ways.

Clickable Object: Similar to multiple choice but far more engaging, the student selects images on the screen to answer the question.









Drag and Drop: Student can drag images and drop them in the correct location to complete the question.









Graphing: Students can draw line and plot points on an interactive graph to solve the question.









Clickable Text: Certain words or sentences in a reading passage are clickable and one or more can be selected to answer the question.





Fill-in-the-Blank: Student types in short answers that are automatically compared against possible correct answer options.









Multi-Part: We can now present the student with multiple interactions in a single question, mixing two or more of the question types above.