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Butterfly “Growing Awareness” And Release

Students and Teachers at the Center utilized the month of April to "grow awareness" for autism as they grew their own butterflies and witness their amazing life cycle close-up. Butterfly metamorphosis is incredible to behold, no matter what age you are. The students learned about the four stages to a butterfly’s life cycle: Stage 1: EGG - Female butterflies lay tiny eggs on the underside of leaves. Stage 2: LARVA - Caterpillars are butterfly larvae that hatch from the eggs. They like to eat! They’ll grow startling amounts and shed their skin (molt) multiple times as they grow. Stage [...]

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International Day

Our students worked really hard to create an awesome International Day! Jamaica, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and United Kingdom were all represented. We were able to try foods from Italy and Jamaica. Some of the foods we tried were tomato pie, chicken parm, penne marinara, and Italian ices (Italy) and jerk chicken, rice, and meat pies (Jamaica). A few parents also stopped by and were able to join in on our fun! Visit our website to learn more about High Road Programs at Ferguson & Frankford – IU [...]

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

In the Month of May we take time to celebrate the special women in our lives. Students at North Dorchester Middle School were able to decorate a flower pot and plant a flower for someone they wanted to show appreciation for. We had students give flowers to aunts, grandmothers, moms, and then there was Dylan who chose to let his entire family enjoy the flower, “I’m going to put it in the kitchen so everyone can see it!” Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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Spirit Week

Capital Academy held our first ever Spirit Week. Students who were in good standings with their status and academics were able to participate in various dress down days throughout the week, earning points for their individual teams. On Thursday, students were able to participate in a Field Day. Events that students participated in included pie eating contests, basketball, relay races, minute-to-win it games, and the dunk tank. Visit our website to learn more about Capital Academy [...]

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Students Visit the National Zoo

Students that worked their way on Blue Level were privileged to go on a trip to the National Zoo. Staff and students were able to see the various wildlife on display at the very popular attraction in our nation’s capital. For majority of the students, not only was it their first time in the city, but it was there first time visiting the zoo. "I never been inside of the city before, so to see a lot of there things on the way there was fun!" -Nalani Greenswell To most of them, they were deeply amazed to see the [...]

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Opening Day at Nationals Stadium

The staff of the High Road of Southern Maryland recently attended Opening Day for the Washington Nationals. The staff and their families braved the rain and enjoyed a fun day at Nationals Park. Together the staff were able to enjoy each other’s company and cheer the home town Nats. Despite the loss, the staff joined along with the 82,000 other fans in welcoming (or not) now rival superstar, Bryce Harper. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Nova Family Golf outing

Nova Center sponsored our family outing on Friday, May 10th at Colorado Journey Miniature Golf Course in Littleton. We had our largest family participation ever and would like to thank all students and their families that took the time to come join in on the fun! Visit our website to learn more about the Nova Center Program

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Arts Fest 2019

On May 10, 2019, our blue and gold level students visited our annual Arts Fest. Over the last several weeks, students have worked on various art projects that were submitted to our region wide arts festival. Several of our students won prizes for their work, and were given ribbons for 1st place, 2nd place, and participation. On the day of the Arts Fest, our students enjoyed viewing the projects of other students from the other schools in our region. Our students also enjoyed viewing the talent show where several students from other schools sang, danced, and did gymnastics routines. [...]

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