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Reaching a Blue Milestone

While the transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult, sixth grader Ezekiel has excelled. He reached his first milestone by quickly earning 15 consecutive days on Blue Level. In order to reach and remain on this level, students must display positive effort in academics and behavior. He says, “Reaching 15 days on Blue was hard because I had to really focus on changing my attitude”. Despite the hard work, he states, “It made me really happy! I was eating cupcakes in my mind to celebrate!”

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Supporting Our Future Football Stars

High Road at Lockerman Middle School staff recently attended a local American Youth Football game to show support to our students Trenten (7th grade), Isaiah (8th grade), and Ma’lik (8th grade). Football is a common topic in the classroom with an emphasis on the importance of academic success, sportsmanship, and positive aspirations. Football has been a motivational tool for the students as their grades and behaviors in school intertwine with being on a football team. Staff was happy to show support for our students outside of the classroom and see their hard work in the community. Ma’lik- Mustang Jersey [...]

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The Gumball Machine Goals Project

This month 3rd and 4th grade students at Easton Elementary School completed a project discussing what is means to have personal goals. The class talked about the importance of having goals to have something to work towards. "Gumball Machines" were created by Briahna and Makhia to highlight their goals for the new school year. Briahna wants to make new friends and reach days 100 Blue Level. Makhai wants to get all A's and wake up earlier. These are just a few of the goals these students have set for themselves.

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Positive Office Referrals

At Easton Elementary School students receive "positive office referrals" when staff notices a student doing something exceptional. Makhai is the first student this year to earn a positive referral! His general education teacher states that he completed his math test independently even though he had difficulty with some of the questions. Makhia asked for a break when he became frustrated then completed his test.

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Picture Perfect Seniors

One of the first milestones that occurs during a student's 12th grade year is senior pictures. A couple of our seven seniors have already participated in their photo shoots. Both students said the sessions made them feel beautiful and important. All of them are excited to eventually walk the stage in June and receive their diplomas.

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Celebrating World Adoption Day

Today we celebrated the power and beauty of family brought together through adoption. By drawing a smiley face on our hand, we’re raising awareness for the 19 million children in the world who are waiting for their forever family and believing in a world where there is a family for every child.

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Halloween Door Decorating Contest

Our students and teachers participated in a Halloween themed door decoration competition! The objective was to motivate students to work as a team, continue to develop their creativity and encourage a little friendly competition between classrooms.

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High School Class (#3) News

The High School 3 class is full of personality, spirit and curiosity. The students have been hard at work, tackling subject matter such as Biology, US History, Algebra, English, and our elective Art Appreciation. After handling business all week long, the students came together and played board games. This allows them to let loose in a positive matter. Teachers and staff are very proud of the excellent work these students have produced!

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