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What is Pi?

As we celebrate Pi day, one must ask ourselves what is Pi really? Different people may say different things. Some say apple and pecan, some say 3.14. This is the most common answer that teachers get from the students. They all know 3.14, but they do not understand what it really means. Pi is not just some random numbers that teachers make students use just for fun. In, fact Pi can be represented in a formula, such as C/D. What this represents in the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter of a circle. As, I was describing [...]

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Math and Cooking

Math and cooking go hand in hand! At Easton Middle School we used the awesome ratio skills which we have obtained through the year to figure out the correct ratios to make our yummy treats! Next time a student asks how we will use ratios in real life, we have only to look back on this experience! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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How a Bill Becomes Law

Our students at CSD took part in an interactive lesson to see how a Bill becomes a Law by doing the process hands on. With an info-graphic as a guide students and staff each played a part in the 5 step process which allowed everyone to have an input and keep the lesson changing. Ethan and Amber proposed the Bill after taking sometime together to create ideas of what they wanted to become a law. Eventually coming up with “The Home and Health Care Act for the Homeless” aka Triple H. This law would provide more shelters for the [...]

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Leprechaun Pancakes and Trivia!

Students at LMS participated in a festive group activity where they played a 20 questions trivia game with a St. Patrick’s day theme. We learned lots of fun new facts! Following trivia, we learned how to make Leprechaun pancakes! Students were able to practice a variety of skills; following directions, teamwork, patience, etc. After enjoying our Leprechaun pancakes, we noticed we had some extra pancake mix. “What to do!?” Some of the students took the time to make extra Leprechaun pancakes to share. They immediately chose the LMS nurses as the ones they wanted to share with! They said [...]

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Denton Elementary Leprechauns!

Throughout the school year Ms. Mandy at DES likes to use group project time to do fun crafts to celebrate any upcoming holidays. As we look forward to celebrating St. Patrick's day this week at DES, we made leprechaun hat's and beards for St. Patrick's day! Afterwards, the students got to wear them for a group picture in front of our classroom to go with our festive door decoration that we have displayed outside of our classroom! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Parent / Teacher Night: April 3rd

Attention All Parents/Guardians! Come and join us for our Parent Teacher Conference on April 3rd from 4pm–6pm. While attending, you will be able to: Come into the classrooms and meet the Staff Meet with the Teachers for 10-minute sessions Stay around for a Parent Training in Zone Regulation with Ms. K. Dinner will be provided, and we will be able to provide childcare during the training. The event will take place at 1907 W. Powers Ave, Littleton, CO 80120 Visit our website to learn more about the Nova Center Program

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