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Learning about the Solar System

Students in Ms. Williams's class recently stepped outside of their classroom to explore our Solar System! They were able to a virtual trip to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and of course, returned back to Earth. Students practiced measuring with non-standard units of measurement to compare the size of all of the planets. Next students learned all about the way these planets rotate around the Sun and even made a model to wear as headbands! The final, and maybe most fun part of the project, was when all of the students got to be the [...]

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Cecil Arena

Mrs. Allyson's and Mr. Eric's class got the opportunity to take their gym class on the road. They participated in a class incentive trip to Cecil Arena where they practiced multiple soccer drills and played a soccer game against each other. The goal is for our elementary students to be able to enjoy an athletic trip to the Cecil Arena on a bi-weekly schedule to allow them the chance to earn a fun and exciting, change of pace gym class. Visit our website to learn [...]

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Costume Contest & Raffle

This year for Halloween at High Road there was a costume contest and a raffle. Throughout the month of September students on level were able to purchase tickets to have a chance at winning Halloween themed prizes. Matthew from Academic Transition and Jericho from Academic Middle School were the winners of the raffle! Some of the winners of the costume contest are posted below. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Creation Appreciation

This month High Road School focused on expressing their creativity. BEST and Academic Middle School students were able to go to Artful Designs and paint pottery. Students were able to decorate quilting squares to display them around the school. BEST High School experimented with using apples as stamps and a mixture of shaving cream and paint to design clouds. Our students use art to work on fine motor skills that transfer to assist in life skills development.

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Cutest Pumpkins at Rader Farms

Our students were able to go to Rader Farms to participate in fall activities! Some of the activities that were available included basketball toss, jumping pillow, duck races, double-barrel chute, rat rollers, and a tire swing. The students were able to get snacks and a pumpkin. Happy fall to our students and their families!

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Partnering with the National Aquarium’s Conservation Team

This year Snow Hill Middle School's 7th grade team has a service learning project with the National Aquarium's Conservation team, which is in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Chesapeake Bay Trust. High Road student, Thomas, was able to join his peers to plant Atlantic white cedar trees, which is a vulnerable species in Maryland. This planting is part of an ongoing restoration effort through the Aquarium's Atlantic white cedar program, which encourages students in Worcester and Somerset counties to become environmental stewards through hands-on opportunities to care for trees on their school grounds. Later this [...]

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Halloween Fun

It's officially Autumn, a time for pumpkin spice and everything nice!! Lockerman Middle School is falling into the season's spirit with tons of fall activities. Students and staff tapped into their creative side during our pumpkin group project. Art is the expression of one's imagination, each student was able to explore and bring their imaginations to life. The end result, pumpkins that are as unique as each personality in our classroom, aren't they gourdeous!! Ben dressed up as a mysterious black cat for Halloween, winning our best dressed for the day. As un-be-leafable as it may seem, the Lockerman [...]

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Project Presentations!

Students in Mr. Matt's class presented their projects on a state of their choice for US History. Some states that were represented were Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware and Florida. Students had a lot of fun researching and were able to learn a lot about their state! Visit our website to learn more about High Road Programs at Ferguson & Frankford – IU #26

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Field Trip to Eastern State Penitentiary

Students from the High Road Program at Frankford and Ferguson had the opportunity to visit Eastern State Penitentiary. They were able to listen to an audio tour, ask questions, and explore the prison at their own pace. Visit our website to learn more about High Road Programs at Ferguson & Frankford – IU #26

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