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Student of the Month: Jariel

What has Jariel done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?So far this school year, Jariel has obtained our highest behavioral level. Jariel has perfect attendance. His success and work ethic has earned him an LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) placement starting at the end of September!What are teachers and staff saying about Jariel this school year?"Jariel is an amazing student and has a bright future ahead of him! Jariel has impressed me in his knowledge and appreciate for the large world around him.""Jariel has been a pleasure to have in class and loves to share [...]

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Student of the Month: Yomali

Yomali has been with Sierra for a few months and has been a great role model to his fellow classmates. Yomali is a hard worker, he always spends extra time on his assignments ensuring his answers are always correct. He is kind and respectful to both his peers and his classmates, he is a positive peer influence and will often advice to others when they are facing difficult times. He is a great helper around the campus and is an active participant in all of our school sports teams. Visit our website to learn [...]

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Spirit Week Recap

Last week was our school’s spirit week. Huge thanks to all the staff and students who participated and made the week such a fun success. We had a few very fun activities throughout spirit week such as our Open House, our first cooking club of the year and we ended the week with school spirit day and a visit from the Shave Ice Truck. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Student of the Month: Ayanna

Ayanna rarely has any trouble staying on task with her work. She is a friend and helpful to all of her peers in the classroom, and on campus. She always has a positive and comedic outlook, and she can make anyone smile with her wit and creativity. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Making a Splash – Our New Model

Our Sierra- Grant staff and students are making a splash this year! Staff has created an environment where students are truly engaged in learning pre-academic, social, and life skills to take with them beyond the classroom. Ms. Jackie and her excellent team of staff have successfully implemented the BEST model where students are working on their individualized target skills throughout the day while also earning fun activities. Our kiddos were recently able to enjoy some chocolate dipped fruits for all their hard work. Thank you team Sierra- Grant! Visit our website to [...]

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Student of the Month: Aaron

Aaron has made significant behavioral progress. His behaviors up till the end of summer consisted of crying shortly after lunch through dismissal daily. He would run out of the classroom at any given opportunity and head towards the exit of the building.  His crying has stopped completely. Aaron has done really well in the last month. Although he still continues to elope from the classroom, Aaron runs out with a smile and is easily redirected back to class. He seems happier this year and the level of compliance has increased.

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Focusing on Adult Living Skills

Our Transition Classroom focuses on adult living skills. The activities are modified according to students' abilities. Most of the students' favorite rotations is Culinary Arts. Ms. Stephanie evaluates the strengths of the students and determines what role they will play in the cooking process. Some are able to engage in the mixture of ingredients, while others can participate with minimal support around the griddle. The picture illustrates one of our transition students, Michelle, with Ms. Stephanie making pancakes.

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Super Hero of the Week

Derris Hurth was nominated as, “The Super Hero of the Week” by his class. Not only is he a friend to his peers, Derris helps his peers both academically and with offering advice. Derris has demonstrated the “power” to arrive daily and to transition from rotation to rotation with ease. His dedication has been an example of the model behavior Ms. Radhika expects from her students. Derris’ respectful and cooperative behavior with peers and staff is not just present in the classroom, but also throughout campus and while riding the van. His behavior is reflected on his daily [...]

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iReady Challenge

We held an iReady Challenge week from 9/9-9/13. All students in classrooms 5-12 who completed their 60 minutes in reading and 60 minutes in math earned a treat. Students who have their name posted on this board earned a special lunch on Monday September 16, 2019. Congratulations and keep up the great work to our iReady Rock Stars!

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