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Hispanic Heritage Month

"This year for Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted our students and school learned about the differences of various Hispanic countries, history, and culture", committee leader of Cultural Awareness Mr. Johnson stated. Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15. "It was important for our classrooms to learn as much as they can on the selected country they were provided". Each classroom was selected in a different country to learn about, participated in a door decoration and trivia. Ms. Manson Puerto Rico class won Hispanic Heritage Trivia Month and Mr. Donald won the door decoration to bringing them the [...]

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Where Are They Now? – James Watson

James is a 2019 graduate of High Road Academy of PG County. James is currently participating in an apprenticeship program in carpentry in Washington, DC where James works at different job sites learning how to do carpentry work such as Framing, windows, and flooring. It’s a 4 year program, which at the end he received a carpentry license and becomes a journeyman. James wants to continue on to become a master carpenter, and eventually a foreman. James is very proud of being able to use what he learned at HRA to achieve his goals! [...]

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Outdoor Learning

The students in Mr. Donald and Ms. Henderson's class took advantage of the nice fall weather and moved their math rotations outdoors. Equipped with a timer and all the materials they would need to successfully complete 3 out of the 4 rotations, students sat down on blankets and mats to complete rotations with the teacher, assistant teacher, and their independent seatwork. When the timer finished, students rotated to the next rotation just like they would have in class. When asked about the change of the learning environment, one student commented that it was nice to complete their work outside [...]

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Workforce Development – Testing Day!

On October 17, 2019, some of the students took their test for Customer Service Work Force Development program. High Road Academy of PG County- Lanham has partnered with Prince George’s County Community College to offer different courses to prepare our students for the future. Mrs. Vickie led the students through courses of how they should treat customers that they serve in the community. She taught with enthusiasm and conviction as the students learned and absorbed the technique of not only serving customers but also making them feel special as well. All the students in the course passed. Great job! [...]

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Pumpkin Art Winners!

The winners for our Pumpkin Art Competition are Anakin Orman and Emma Prather. Both student's pumpkins were voted best pumpkins by votes from their peers. They were rewarded a coupon to pick any item out of the school store. Emma's pumpkin kept in line with the Halloween theme and was spooky. Anakin decided to go with a simple and less scary design for his pumpkin. Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Program

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Pumpkin Art

For Art class the students and staff in Classroom B decided to paint pumpkins to get into the fall spirit. There were arrays and variations of all sorts. It was also a special time for students and staff to bond ,and talk about what they like most about Fall.The painting of the pumpkins then turned into a friendly competition to see who could paint the best pumpkin. The students had an awesome time and complimented each other on their art skills. Visit our website to learn more about the [...]

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Hot Chocolate Bar

To celebrate Halloween staff at Apex decided to set up a Hot Chocolate bar for the students. It was a well deserved reward for the students. Also, it was excellent way to keep warm during the cold weather. Students were able to add their favorite mix-ins to their hot chocolate. They enjoyed the ability to create their own variation of the popular cocoa drink. Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Program

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Student of the Month: Shadaesha

What has Daesha accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Daesha has continued to grow in the program since arriving for the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. Daesha consistently comes to school on time and prepared. Daesha also takes pride in the school by always taking ownership around the building through various beautification projects. But, the overwhelming reason for her selection as Student of the Month comes from her consistently positive attitude and willingness to help her peers. "Daesha shows a lot of growth and maturity. She has excelled in all areas [...]

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Staff of the Month: Russell Wade

What impact has Russell had on colleagues and students over the past month? Counselor Wade demonstrates what it is to be a true professional. Through his leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills Counselor Wade is a pillar of positivity to everyone in the building. Never turning away staff or students in need. He is a firm, fair, and consistent. Counselor Wade was selected by his peers for his dedication to the students and staff. He has been with the school since its opening in 2013. "Counselor Wade is never too busy to assist students and staff alike. His [...]

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Student of the Month: Daemion

What has Daemion accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? He is shown great growth in his verbal skills and being able to request needs and wants to his teachers and other staff. He has learned the months of the year and able to say them out loud. He has also shown improvement in being able to wait during transitions, which has been difficult in the past. Mrs. Pruit and Mrs. Garcia both work with him in the classroom and they have seen great progress in his overall attitude at school, being excited [...]

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