Catapult Learning Announces Solution to Summer Learning Loss

Catapult’s new summer school service offers remedy for “summer slide”

For millions of disadvantaged children, summertime is a far cry from healthy intellectual stimulation. For struggling students, summer inactivity causes the achievement gap to widen—and the results are often irreversible.

Catapult Learning’s new summer school service, Learning Leap, combines academic instruction, cultural enrichment and family involvement over a six week period. Research shows, students who participate not only improve their academic scores, but are far more likely to continue their education.

In 2010, Learning Leap helped boost the achievement of 3300 students in the Detroit Public School Systems. “The results were the academic equivalent of a no-hitter,” said Sean McGrew, Catapult’s Director of Research and Evaluation. “In all my years with the public school system, I have never seen summer school results this impressive.”

According to TIME Magazine’s August 2, 2010 issue, summer learning loss has become a national concern, especially for lower-income youth. Catapult’s Learning Leap program is a direct response to this concern and is squarely focused on eliminating the “summer slide.”