Catapult Learning’s Anti-Bullying Crusade Event Draws Record Attendance

Catapult Learning partnered with four RI Catholic Schools for a week-long Professional Development workshop to help educate teachers, students and parents about the realities of bullying

New York Times bestselling author Jodee Blanco captivated more than 300 Catholic school teachers, students and their parents at Catapult Learning’s Anti-Bullying Crusade event held at Saint Raphael Academy last Thursday evening.

“It was so much better than expected… the stories were relatable,” said Simone Kennedy, principal at Saint Teresa School. “You could see the students looking inside themselves saying, this is me. She’s talking about me.”

Mary Carney, principal at Saint Cecilia School observed positive changes the very next day. “I saw some students in the lunchroom move their chairs so they could sit closer to a student who was eating alone.”

Some courageous students shared their own personal stories including Fabio Castro, a senior at Saint Raphael Academy. “She found the words to say what I never could,” Castro said.

Hannah Coderre, another Saint Raphael Academy student related her own experience. “There was a boy in our class we used to call gross,” she said. “We’d leave him out of conversations on purpose. We would use hand sanitizer in front of him to prove a point. I feel so bad about it. I realize it wasn’t cool. I’d love to see him again and ask for his forgiveness.”

“One heck of a presentation,” said Maryann Donohue-Lynch, event host and principal at Saint Raphael Academy. “Ms. Blanco’s message resonated with the students, and she connected with everyone in the room.”

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