An Open Letter to Educators from Catapult Learning CEO Stuart Udell: The Critical Link between Literacy Acheivement and At-Risk Students

November 21, 2011

Dear Educator,

Time and again, studies link a student’s future success to reading ability. If a student hasn’t learned how to read by third grade his or her chances of success later in life are markedly diminished. If reading deficits are not addressed in later schooling, those same students are at significant risk for dropping out or even ending up in prison.

That’s the harsh reality of how important reading is.

Teaching students to read is one of the most pivotal jobs of our schools and teachers. Success in teaching literacy puts students on a course to achieve. Lack of success puts students on a course to fail.

So, what should you do if your school’s reading test scores aren’t where they should be?

What if the teachers and leaders in your school or district take different approaches to literacy challenges—how do you get everyone on the same page helping students do their best?

Where do you find a literacy program that offers tools and support to address deficits and turn performance around?

Literacy First. For the past 15 years, Literacy First has successfully enabled schools and districts to improve reading achievement, as evidenced by improved test scores. Literacy First helped teachers and schools in Oklahoma make dramatic changes in the lives of their students.

By using the Literacy First process and materials, in 2009-2010 students in Oklahoma schools made significant, measurable improvements in literacy. Elementary schools that used Literacy First’s three-year intervention process increased their average Academic Performance Index by 89 points (versus a state average of 27 points). That was 57 points higher than the state average in 2009, and 119 higher points in 2010. Results in middle schools showed similar advances.

See what the Oklahoma Commission on Teacher Preparation had to say about the Literacy First Process: Literacy First- Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (2010 Annual Report)

Literacy First is now part of Catapult Learning and we are proud to be able to offer you their programming and materials to help your school or district develop expert readers. The Literacy First three-year process and literacy instructional materials are designed to accelerate reading achievement from pre-K to 12.

The Literacy First process includes analysis of the current state, a customized achievement plan, targeted instructional intervention, and on-site consulting and coaching. We work with you for three years to drive improvement.

The Developing Expert Readers instructional materials are out of the box solutions to help improve students’ reading skills, as part of the three-year process or as stand-alone lessons.

• Comprehension module for grades K-5

• Phonics module for grades preK-2

• Phonological Awareness module for grades preK-2

• Interactive White Board lessons to be used together with print modules or stand alone

Call (855) 874-1786 today to learn more about the difference Literacy First can make in your schools. We’d like to learn about your situation and discuss how we can help.

When you work with Catapult and Literacy First, your students will achieve beyond expectations.


Stuart Udell

CEO, Catapult Learning

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  1. Kathy Carter April 27, 2013 Reply

    I was a literacy coach for literacy first in tahlequah, ok for over 9 years and i am well aware of how well it works. I retired in oklahoma and am now living in Little Rock, Ar. I teach at Arkansas School for The Deaf and it is a wonderful school with fabulous kids who NEED literacy first!! Can you help us in any way??? we are a state supported school with little money so any way I can help will be so appreciated. thank you soo much. Kathy Carter

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