At Sidney Lanier High School Students are Achieving New Heights in Math with the Help of Catapult Learning Tutors



Austin, Texas Sidney Lanier High School

These Catapult tutors are extremely excited to be a part of the instructional intervention program at Sidney Lanier High School in Austin, Texas.  They are currently providing instruction for Title I math to struggling learners.  They’re smiling because they know their tremendous efforts will pay off with greater student success!

Pictured: Bottom row (left to right): Edward, Cordell, Michelle, Vickie, Wilda, Myra, Colleen

Middle Row (left to right): Daniel, Jamal, Roland, An, Erinn, Sasha, Yen Radwan, Kay

 Top Row (Left  to right): Tyrus, Ben, Audrey, Sadiel ,Dihn, Tom, Joseph, Steve, Lysa, Sam, Robert, Frank, Sarah B., Michelle M., Phil

Missing in the photo: Tracey, Sean, Sarah K., Roger, Ginny, Ami, Arielle, Tammy, Emma, Laurie, Caleb

Hiep Chung (tutor) says, “this program is great and I can see the improvement in many of the students in such a short time. I hope that my assistance will allow for them to have a greater love for math”!  Catapult Learning hopes to produce some big increases in math scores at Sidney Lanier High School…GO VIKINGS.. and other schools in the Travis County region.

Thanks Team!

Vickie Pugh, Education Coordinator

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