School District in Delaware Finds Catapult Learning Instructional Intervention Services “Excellent”

by John Fergus

Bridget Coyne in the Catapult Learning Research and Evaluation department recently sent over these tremendous survey results from the previous school year.  This survey was conducted in one of the Non-Public School Districts in Deleware where Catapult Learning provided instructional intervention services for Title I Math and Reading.

The survey was collected from Principals, Teachers, and Parents and the results are phenomenal.  They speak to the tremendous committment that Catapult Teachers and Administrator’s have for helping stuggling learners acheive beyond their expectations!  Don’t just take my word for it…see for yourself.


January 9, 2012

Catapult Learning Survey Results:

Click Here for the Full Report: Catapult Learning Survey Results 2011- NonPublic School District Delaware

Non-Public School District in Delaware

These results were gathered from a Non-Public School District in Delaware where Catapult Learning provided Instructional Intervention services during the 2010-2011 school year.


In the spring, each school principal was sent a survey to complete.  Principals were asked to rate their perceptions of the various aspects of the program using a 5 to 1 scale with 5 representing “Excellent” and 1 representing “Poor.”  Surveys also included questions about facilities, equipment, program coordination and administrative support, Additional space was provided for the principal to include comments. 

Surveys were completed by 17 principals. The results were positive with an average rating for overall satisfaction of 4.6 (“Excellent”).  In addition, the principals’ high ratings in the categories of staff competence, communication, timeliness, effectiveness and quality of the students’ experiences in the Catapult Learning program were further indication that the principals were satisfied with the program.  The averages for these items ranged from 4.3 to 4.5 (“Good” to “Excellent”). 


At the same time the principals were surveyed, the classroom teachers were asked to complete a similar survey using the same rating scale (5 meaning “excellent,” and 1 meaning “poor”). Teachers were asked to rate different aspects of the program including communication, timeliness, understanding of the Title I students’ needs, results achieved, and overall satisfaction.  Thirty-eight teachers completed the surveys. The overall satisfaction rating was 4.8 (“Excellent”).


In March, surveys were sent home to parents of all participating students via their child.  Parents were asked to indicate their level of agreement to a series of statements using a 4 to 1 scale with 4 being “Strongly Agree” and 1 being “Strongly Disagree.” Surveys were completed by eight parents, and 100% agreed that they were satisfied with the Catapult Learning program. 


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