Asociacion de Educacion Privada Convencion: San Juan PR, Febuary 9th-10th 2012

Catapult Learning Will Be a Presenter and Exhibitor At 2012 Convention

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Catapult Learning is extremely honored and excited to be both an exhibitor and a presenter at this years Asociacion de Educacion Privada Convention in San Juan PR.  A handful of Catapult Learning representatives will be in attendance.  Among those are Guiseppe Basili and Michelle Doyle who will be presenting on the topics of Private School Equitable participation under NCLB and using intensive instructional intervention to narrow the acheivement gap.

The Asociacion de Educacion Privada Convencion 2012 is projected to be a large event with educators from throughout Puerto Rico looking for ways to improve on their schools performance.  Catapult Learning looks forward to sharing information on how our intervention services are currently helping struggling learners close the acheivement gap and how we can do the same for schools throughout Puerto Rico.

Please be sure to attend Catapult Learning’s presentation or stop by the Catapult Learning booth at this year’s convention to learn more about how Catapult can help your school to acheive beyond expectations.

If you would like more information about Catapult Learning, please contact Pat Lacognata at

Catapult Learning será presentador y expositor en la Convención 2012

Catapult Learning es muy honrado y feliz de ser a la vez un expositor y presentador de un año en esta convención en San Juan PR. Un puñado de representantes Catapult Learning estarán presentes. Entre ellos se encuentran Giuseppe Basili y Doyle Michelle que presentará en los temas de la participación de la escuela privada equitativa bajo la ley NCLB y el uso de la intervención de instrucción intensiva para reducir la brecha de logro de una manera.

La Asociación de Educación Privada de Puerto Rico Convencion 2012 se prevé que sea un gran evento con educadores de todo Puerto Rico en busca de maneras de mejorar en su rendimiento escolar. Catapult Learning espera que el intercambio de información sobre cómo nuestros servicios de intervención están ayudando a los estudiantes con dificultades cerrar la brecha de logro de una manera y cómo podemos hacer lo mismo para las escuelas en todo Puerto Rico.

Por favor, asegúrese de asistir a la presentación Catapult Learning, o visitar el stand de Catapult Learning en la convención de este año para aprender más acerca de cómo Catapult puede ayudar a su escuela para acheive allá de las expectativas.

Si desea más información sobre Catapult Learning, por favor póngase en contacto con Pat Lacognata en


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We believe the key to unlocking a child’s potential lies within a motivating learning environment that is sensitive to his or her unique instructional needs. That’s why we partner with schools and school districts to better understand the challenges children face, and offer customized solutions that range from small-group K-12 instructional intervention services, to extended-day and summer learning programs, to turnkey professional development and more.

For 35 years, Catapult Learning and our predecessor companies have partnered with education institutions, government agencies, and community groups, providing outcomes-based learning programs that are tailored to individual student needs and produce positive academic results.  Catapult Learning, a privately owned company, is a leading provider of contracted educational services to schools and districts nationwide and last year we provided more than 106,000 services to students in approximately 1,400 schools. We are currently the largest, most experienced provider of contracted educational services to non-public schools in the country.  Our instruction, our services, and our people motivate the students we serve to achieve great success in school and beyond.

Our programs employ over 3,200 full- and part-time staff, and have served more than one million students. Our streamlined administrative structure is designed to ensure that we meet planned, agreed upon goals in a highly cost-efficient manner.  Our managerial expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate our programs into schools, thus alleviating—and even eliminating—complex administrative responsibilities from the districts and schools we serve.

In addition to our signature K-12 instructional intervention services and programs focusing on reading and math, we provide a wide variety of additional services such as English as a second language (ESL) programs, speech/language assessment and intervention services, writing, study skills and test taking strategies, diagnostic therapy and counseling services, IDEA services, early childhood education, parent involvement programs, school nursing and social work, program evaluation, and a variety of consultative services.  We also provide Professional Development services using a diverse array of offerings.  We deliver these services under contract to school districts, county‑wide educational agencies, and municipalities.  We have earned a reputation for providing effective and cost-efficient educational services to schools.