Content Roundup: Common Core and Teacher Resources

February Content from Catapult Learning

Content Roundup Common CoreFebruary is one of the coldest months of the year. However, this month brought us some of the hottest content that Catapult has ever produced! So, this month we are offering a recap of all the fabulous content that our Common Core expert team produced over the past thirty days. In case you missed some or even all of it (shame on you), it’s all listed here for your reading and viewing pleasure. The blog posts, the webinar, the new products. Enjoy.

The Blogs

The Monthly Webinar

Over 180 people registered for this in-depth webinar on Close Reading. Diane Rymer filled this webinar with worthwhile content and information on the importance of Close Reading and it’s critical role in the Common Core State Standards. Download the recording today!

The Workshops

Coming to a City Near You: Common Core Leaders Workshop Series

The New Products

Disciplinary Literacy

Training and Resources for Science and Social Studies Teachers
Our Disciplinary Literacy for the Common Core program was developed to support your middle and high school science and social studies teachers as they make this important transition.

Discover The Core

Professional Development, Curriculum Planning, and Instructional Tools
Catapult Learning is here to support your instructional teams with custom curriculum planning, instructional tools, and job-embedded professional development as you make this important transition.


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