Catapult Learning Offers Common Core Workshops from Coast-to-Coast

Catapult Learning the Common Core ExpertsEducators Across the Country Gain Insight Into What It Really Means to Implement the New Common Core State Standards

CAMDEN, NJ – Beginning in January 2013, Camden NJ-based Catapult Learning has been presenting introductory Common Core workshops specifically designed for principals and school leaders across the country. As a nationwide provider of professional development and instructional services, Catapult Learning has held 10 workshops—and counting—from New Jersey to California with as many as 100 attendees per session.

Catapult Learning’s May 23rd workshop, attracting 92 registered attendees in Anaheim CA, focused on how the new standards require teachers to transcend their current teaching algorithms and adopt new ones. School leaders know that facilitating this transformation will be challenging, but with a deeper understanding of the standards and knowledge of best practices, they will have the leverage they need to be Common Core State Standards change agents in their school or district.

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Common Core Expert Jessica Bianculli outlined the importance of mapping out a clear trajectory of learning so that teachers can easily track what students should have learned and what they will be learning next.  However, Bianculli says that when it comes to teachers making the essential instructional shifts, the key to success is support from the top.   According to Bianculli, “As teachers re-conceptualize their approach to teaching, principals must support them and help them to push student expectations beyond skill acquisition to application.”

Dr. Andrew Ordover, Executive Director of Product Development at Catapult Learning, weighs in on how the new tests are often a wakeup call for many school leaders. “Reviewing sample PARRC and Smarter Balance questions is a real eye-opener for workshop attendees.  Looking at the assessments helps them realize how important it is to prepare students to master the rigors of more complex text and higher-level thinking skills.”

Catapult Learning has more Common Core workshops scheduled over the next few months.  Call 800-841-8730 for more information or contact us here.

About Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning has been helping schools close the achievement gap for more than three decades..  Today, Catapult Learning has over 5,000 coaches and teachers who provide quality professional development, instructional services and resources to over 2,500 schools serving over 100,000 students annually.

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    When and where will workshops be held in Central FL?

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