New Response to Intervention Solution for the Common Core

Catapult Learning the Common Core ExpertsCatapult Learning launches ReadUp, a Response to Intervention model with explicit, systematic instruction that zeros in on core comprehension skills and positions students to meet the rigorous expectations of middle school and the Common Core State Standards.

Camden, N.J. — Catapult Learning, LLC announced today that it is adding a new program to its suite of Response to Intervention (RtI) solutions. ReadUp is a teaching and training instructional model for teachers who provide remediation or intervention. It has everything a teacher needs to help students transition from learning to read to reading to learn by the fourth grade. Using systematic and explicit instruction, ReadUp zeros in on core comprehension skills and positions students to meet the rigorous expectations of content-area learning in middle school and beyond.

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According to Dr. Andrew Ordover, Catapult Learning’s Executive Director of Program Development, “If students fail to develop comprehension skills prior to middle school, they have an increased likelihood of failing academically and dropping out of school. It is critical that teachers are trained to teach these specific skills that make up comprehension, or those students — especially the at-risk ones — are going to have a very hard time moving forward.”  ReadUp’s ready-to-use remediation tools build the required Common Core State Standards foundational skills with support for differentiation — including lesson modifications for ELL and special education students.

Once teachers complete ReadUp’s online webinars and embedded training, they are not left on their own. Ordover said, “We want the best possible student outcomes, and for that reason, ReadUp comes with access to the Teachers’ Lounge, an online network that promotes collaborative relationships with Catapult Learning literacy experts to keep teachers focused on expanding their instructional skills.”

In addition to professional development and curriculum materials, ReadUp includes mastery assessments for each area of instruction supported by the program. Rather than making students take yet another standardized test using standard reading passages, ReadUp provides teachers with step-by-step instructions for assessing mastery of discrete skills using authentic literature or informational text.

This research-based program is designed for small-group instruction either in class or in a pullout program and is flexible enough to be used with any student or small group in grades 2-5. For more information call 800-841-8730 or contact us online.

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Catapult Learning has been helping schools close the achievement gap for more than three decades. Today, Catapult Learning has over 5,000 coaches and teachers who provide quality professional development, instructional services and resources to over 2,500 schools serving over 100,000 students annually.


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