The New Literacy First: A Teaching, Learning, Leading Framework

CL_New-Logo_WebisteCatapult Learning launches the Common Core-aligned Literacy First, a framework designed to strengthen instruction in the content areas, preparing Tier II and III students for college and the workplace. Research-based and nationally proven, Literacy First builds capacity and creates a lasting culture of literacy.

Catapult Learning, LLC announced today the national launch of the Common Core-aligned Literacy First, a framework designed to strengthen instruction in all secondary content areas, preparing Tier II and tier III students to be proficient grade-level readers. The Literacy First Framework® for the Content Areas is designed to create a lasting culture of literacy throughout the school through a combination of leadership development, teacher training, job-embedded coaching, assessment, resource materials and data analysis.

According to Dr. Andrew Ordover, Catapult Learning’s Executive Director of Program Development, “The Common Core State Standards require far stronger literacy skills than many of our students have, skills that must be applied across all of the content areas. Students who are struggling readers today face an even greater challenge tomorrow, and may be at a significant risk for becoming frustrated, disengaged and eventually dropping out.”

Literacy First, part of Catapult Learning since 2011, has successfully enabled schools and districts to address these issues and improve reading achievement, as evidenced by improved test scores. Literacy First helped teachers and schools in Oklahoma make dramatic changes in the lives of their students. In the 2009-10 school year, the Literacy First Framework and materials led to significant, measurable improvements in literacy for Oklahoma students. Schools that used the three-year Literacy First intervention framework increased their average Academic Performance Index by 89 points (versus a state average of 27 points). That was 57 points higher than the state average in 2009 and 119 points higher than the state average in 2010.

Learning and achievement begin with a strong foundation in literacy. In order to successfully build literacy across an entire school or district, a lasting culture of change must develop where teachers and school leaders collaborate to forge a clear, well-mapped path to success. Ordover said, “Literacy First makes change happen, developing strong teachers and exceptional school leaders.”

The Literacy First Framework recognizes that student reading achievement is dependent on knowledgeable, skilled teachers. During on-site and embedded professional development, school instructors learn systematic and explicit instructional strategies and how to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students.

When implemented with fidelity, the Literacy First Framework for the Content Areas ensures that students in grades 6-12 have the reading, writing and comprehension skills to master the rigors of more complex and higher-level content-area material.

This research-based program is designed for small-group instruction either in class or in a pullout program and is flexible enough to be used with any student or small group in grades 6-12. For more information call 800-841-8730 or contact us here.

About Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning has been helping schools close the achievement gap for more than three decades. Today, Catapult Learning has over 5,000 coaches and teachers who provide quality professional development, instructional services and resources to over 2,500 schools serving over 100,000 students annually.



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