Implementing The Common Core: 3 Keys For Success – Recording Now Available

Implementing The Common Core:3 Keys For Success

Implementing the Common CoreImplementing the Common Core State Standards successfully means more than replacing one set of curriculum maps or pacing plans with another. The standards are important, not because of the specific topics that have to be covered at one grade level or another, but because of the vertical coherence they provide from grade to grade, the clarity and focus they provide across all grade levels, and the insistence on rigor, critical thinking, and real-world problem-solving that is embedded throughout the standards. In other words, the standards can help us paint a picture for our students and our communities of what 21st century teaching and learning should look like.

In this webinar, we’ll review some basic facts about what the standards are (and what they are not), and then discuss three things that can help your school or district implement these standards deeply, broadly, and successfully:

  1. Setting a standard for rigor
  2. Creating a culture of inquiry
  3. Making everyone a stakeholder in success


Presented by one of Catapult Learning’s Education Experts:

Dr. Andrew Ordover, VP of Product Development and Curriculum for Catapult Learning

We look forward to seeing you this month as we explore this exciting topic. You can access this webinar and all our monthly webinars anytime after the live presentation on our webinars page: Click Here


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