STEM Education and the Common Core-Recording Now Available

STEM Education and the Common Core

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STEM and the Common CoreSTEM education is about creating a student-centered, inquiry-based classroom where students discover the natural (and real-world) connection between science, technology, engineering, and math. As educators, it is our job to keep the flame of curiosity burning bright in our students in our classrooms and throughout their lives.

This webinar will explore the most effective strategies for Inquiry-Based Instruction with a focus on how STEM education connects to the Common Core State Standards.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Strategies for implementing inquiry-based instruction with an emphasis on critical thinking skills.
  • Effective ways to apply STEM competencies to impact lesson planning and assessment with a focus on increasing real-world application of content knowledge.
  • How STEM education connects to the instructional shifts embedded in the Common Core State Standards.

Presented by one of Catapult Learning’s Education Experts:

Jessica Bianculli, Director of Professional Development Quality

We look forward to seeing you this month as we explore this exciting topic. You can access this webinar and all our monthly webinars anytime after the live presentation on our webinars page: Click Here


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