4 Awesome New Year Resolutions for Educators

4 Awesome New Year Resolutions for EducatorsNew Year Resolutions

Last week I had just came home from an amazing vacation and birthday celebration and was so full of happiness and gratitude that I wanted to sit down and write about why I love being an educator and how grateful I am for my job.   Then I remembered that it was winter-break and I was mostly grateful for not working; so needless to say I didn’t write a post!

Seriously though, now that the New Year has just arrived, I thought maybe I could instead sit and write down my teacher new year resolutions.  So, I came up with 4 awesome new year resolutions for educators. Here it goes!

This year I resolve to:

1. Incorporate more qualitative and meaningful feedback for my students. 

Katie Rapp does a great job answering Quality Feedback, what is it and how to give it in her article for ASCD express.

2. Integrate technology with my teaching practice. 

Troy Hicks and Kristen Hawley Turner make the case for why we must use technology in meaningful ways in our instruction, assessment, activities and strategies.   In “No Longer a Luxury, Digital Literacy Can’t Wait”, Hicks and Turner offer specific suggestions for teaching in-depth digital literacy.

3. Have more fun in the classroom.

Last June I wrote about New Methods for Engaging Students  and this past fall my blogs centered around The Student Centered Classroom and Inspiring Creativity.  In my experience the best way for me to have fun in the classroom is for my students to have fun.  My experience has been that my students and I both have more fun we are engaged in the learning and instruction, and research has proven that engaged students learn twice as much!

4. Learn something new to improve my practice.

Finally, I want to continue my own learning.  Teachers are often discussing teaching our students to be lifelong learners, and we as educators should start by modeling this behavior.  In addition to my classroom teaching, I work as an instructional coach for Catapult Learning.  To continue to improve my ability to work with teachers, I am planning to start with Elena Aguilar’s The Art of Coaching and then continue learning how to incorporate critical pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching into my practice.

With the New Year upon us, how do you resolve to be a better educator in 2014?

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