Schoolwide Change Through Improved Teacher Instruction – Recording Now Available

Schoolwide Change Through Improved Teacher Instruction

Recording Now Available!

Schoolwide Change Through Improved Teacher InstructionSchoolwide change comes about through improved teacher instruction, but the role of the principal as the instructional leader is also central to this premise. Vibrant learning communities are developed when these roles work together. This two-part webinar will explore the principal’s role in providing the environment where student achievement is enhanced, then investigate how the teacher’s role is strengthened in providing sound and effective instruction, regardless of the standards that drive a school in its pursuit of excellence.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The universal, constant concepts to deliver effective student learning
  • How education resides in the culture of change
  • The Four Essential Skills for an Effective Learning Leader
  • The importance of communicating clear learning targets to students
  • How formative assessments drive effective instruction
  • How to enhance engagement and promote deeper understanding of content through student-centered learning environments

We look forward to seeing you as we explore this exciting topic. You can access this webinar and all our monthly webinars anytime after the live presentation on our webinars page: Click Here

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