Catapult Learning’s New Focus on Achievement Builds Teacher Capacity and Drives Student Success

Catapult Learning’s New Focus on Achievement Builds Teacher Capacity and Drives Student Success

Through a combination of assessment analysis and professional support, this new school improvement program guides teachers and school leaders to recognize specific challenges and systematically make improvements that will increase student achievement. 

Focus on AchievementCamden, NJ, November 24, 2014 –Catapult Learning today announced the launch of Focus on Achievement, its newest professional development offering. An integrated package of formative assessment, print and online resources, and professional development, Focus on Achievement can help teachers and school leaders identify their school’s specific challenges and make improvements that have a positive impact on teacher instruction and student achievement.

“Over the past ten years, Catapult Learning’s Alliance school support program has demonstrated that the combination of frequent interim assessment, regular data team meetings, and intensive management and classroom support provides schools with dramatic and measurable academic improvement. Focus on Achievement benefits schools in the same way, but is more accessible to schools that have less time or resources to implement school improvement services,” says Dr. Sean McGrew, Catapult Learning’s Vice President of Assessment and Evaluation.

The Focus on Achievement model incorporates regular formative assessment and analysis with frequent professional development workshops and in-classroom support. Using assessment data from eValuate, Catapult Learning’s next-generation online formative assessment system, teachers learn to understand the data, what is says about student performance, and how to modify their instruction in ways that will actually effect change in their classrooms.   

Focus on Achievement’s professional development—a combination of teacher workshops and in-classroom coaching—focuses on the three key areas of instruction that Catapult Learning has found, after nearly four decades of experience, to have a significant effect on student achievement. Online and print curricular resources provide additional support for teachers to make effective instructional changes.

“We believe the combination of eValuate tests, regular data team meetings, and discrete professional development sessions on the Three Keys to Effective Instruction—all supported with coaching support and feedback—can provide schools real and measurable success, even within a single school year,” explains Dr. Andrew Ordover, Vice President of Product and Curriculum at Catapult Learning.

The research-based program is designed for public and non-public K-12 schools, and it is available in four-month modules to build a four-, eight-, or full-year program, for up to three years.


About Catapult Learning: For over 35 years, Catapult Learning has been dedicated to improving academic achievement for students from Pre-K to grade 12, with a special focus on intervention for struggling learners, building teacher capacity, and graduating more students. Catapult Learning’s nationwide network of 4,000 teachers, coaches, and consultants partners with over 300 school districts across the country.

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